The Lazarus Center is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit ministry.  We are not associated with a specific Christian denomination.  We work with any church that is open to providing prayer for inner healing as part of their ministry.

This important healing ministry is fully supported by donation of friends like you, by grants, and by fundraisers that have been organized from time to time.  Please consider a tax deductible gift.

The Lazarus Center

Mission Statement

To offer the love and healing power of the Risen Christ through individual prayer ministry, teaching, training, and equipping.  As part of the healing community, we partner with other organizations, ministries and churches to enhance and empower the transformation of people needing hope and freedom.

Vision Statement

We are a community that offers an encounter with the love and healing power of the Risen Christ as the catalyst for transformation of our hurts to hope and freedom.


Since 1988, The Lazarus Center has ministered to many people who toil with issues from their past, hurts, and woundedness, and areas of life where they struggle.

As in the Biblical story of Lazarus, Jesus told others to roll away the stone to prepare for His resurrecting power to restore Lazarus, and then they had to “unbind” Lazarus from the grave clothes; a symbol of death.

Through The Freedom in Christ retreat, Healing Care groups, many different classes, and training, TLC has been preparing people to receive Jesus’ healing power and assisting them in being set free from the bindings of their old life.

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Who Makes up Our Board? 


  1.  Jodi Renner  –                 Board Member
  2. Tom Nowak –                  Board Member
  3. Mark Otto –                      Board Member
  4. Deanna Kuder –              Board Member
  5. Brett Christman –           Board President
  6. Jack Irwin –                      Board Member


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Our Staff

 Kandi Bahr  – Office Manager/Administrator

 Sandy Wilson  – Director of Women’s Ministries

 Jim Kneff  – Executive Director

Jim’s Blog (From the Director)

Our Executive Director’s Testimony of Restoration

Transformational Prayer is a very important factor in my life.  Without it, I am not sure I would be here today. 

For as long as I can remember, I believed there was something about me that was so broken even God would not heal it in this life.  I now realize that this belief resulted from very early traumatic events in my life that impacted how I saw myself, God, and the world around me.  I found performance as a workable cover to this belief and the feelings of worthlessness that came from it.  I pursued academic achievement and a career in psychology as the best way to look good to the world and to keep others from seeing my fatal flaws.  Despite being successful as an administrator and therapist for over 25 years, nothing I learned or taught others touched the woundedness in my spirit.  I finally lived out my secret of being broken and made very wrong choices that ended my career and almost lost me my family.  I have a profound understanding of being so broken that nothing in life seems worthwhile and there seems to be no reason to go on or even reach out to God.  However, the Father is faithful and will not let go of his children.  My recovery involved medication and over eight years of therapy with an excellent trauma therapist.  For over seven years, I have been part of a Men’s Healing Prayer ministry in a local church, and have not only encountered the living Jesus speak healing to my deepest brokenness, but have seen others encounter His presence and healing as well.

James Kneff

Our many Volunteers and Intercessors

Intercessors are actively praying for the Lazarus Center and the needs of individuals.  If you have a prayer request, please email the request to: or call:  724-266-7576 to let your request be known so our intercessors can pray for you.